A Creation Myth

And in the beginning was the Goddess. And She lay dreaming in the dark that had neither form nor place. And there was nothing except the Goddess.

And in Her silent sleep there came a dream, and within the dream a thought. And with the dream, and with the thought, a smile appeared upon Her lips. Her eyes opened upon the darkness of the primeval womb and She breathed a sigh for the beauty of the dream.

And the Lady's breath opened the darkness, and the light of Her beauty shown forth where only night had been. And Her breath stirred the winds of space and the suns burst into life, the planets took up their stations, and the wandering comets were born.

And the Lady looked upon the jeweled heavens of Her creation, and She danced upon the cosmic winds with the joy of Her dream. And as She danced, another came. Another crowned with horn and blazing like the suns. And They danced and They loved there amongst the stars.

And as They danced, They came upon a certain world, as beautiful as an opal suspended in the velvet blackness. And They breathed upon this priceless gem and Their breath stirred the waters, and the waters brought forth life. And They breathed and the air was filled with birds, the seas with fish, and the land brought forth beasts of every kind.

And the Lord and Lady brought forth mankind in their image, and They breathed the Breath of Life into them. And with the Breath came both Wisdom to know the Gods without and Spirit to know the Gods within.

For the breath of the Goddess that is the Air, is the breath of life itself, and the love of the Goddess made manifest.

copyright © Lark, August 2005

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